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Expat Travel & Medical Insurance

Packed your bags, purchased your airline tickets, made hotel and activity reservations?

Sold, gifted, donated and ready to move abroad?

Whether for travel or a permanent relocation, you’ve likely spent thousands of dollars on transportation, lodging, activities, housing, schooling and immigration fees; you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s and have invested your money and your time.

But have you overlooked one of the most important components prior to boarding that plane?

International Medical Coverage~Don’t Leave Home Without It

Without a doubt, GeoBlue International & Travel Medical Insurance is the leader in International & Travel Medical Insurance.

  • Unsurpassed concierge-level service and mobile technology connecting you with trusted doctors and hospitals around the world
  • Works directly with provider
  • Materials in both Spanish & English
  • Preferred facilities with U.S. Western standards
  • All doctors are preselected & English-speaking
  • Medical Evacuation Benefit
  • Terrorism Coverage
  • Short-term & long-term coverage

The cost of a GeoBlue policy is small compared to the investment you have made in your travel or relocation plans. Adventure on with confidence and the proper protection with GeoBlue.

Click here for a free quote and get the International & Travel Medical Insurance you shouldn’t leave home without.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreenheadhunter

We fair-skinned O’Gradys have to practically bathe ourselves in the stuff to stay protected in the jungle sun!

We have tried many over the years and hands-down our #1 favorite surf, sand & sun sunscreen is Headhunter!

It is the only sunscreen that I feel safe using with our Irish Reds, knowing that they won’t be burned at the end of the day (reapply as needed). 

Their quick-dry, non-slip formulas provide excellent protection both in and out of the water! 

Click on the link above to see all of the many different available products for the whole family. Owner-operated with great customer service, you won’t be disappointed!



*UVA and UVB blockers




* Los O’Gradys in Mexico is proud to partner with GeoBlue, an International & Travel Medical Insurance Company of incomparable quality and sound reputation. We ONLY accept partnerships with entities that we feel 100% comfortable associating our name with, thus one of the reasons this platform in not filled with random advertisements. 


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