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I have wrestled with this About Me page–what to say, how much to say, how to summarize me on a page–such an important, commit-it-to-print task!

The best way to comply with this obligatory part of my website is to answer a question that I am often asked: 

“Why do you speak such good Spanish?”

Now, now…you can’t judge a book by its cover!

Just because I am fair-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed and of Dutch/Irish ancestry doesn’t mean that I can’t hold my own in Spanish, and then some.

I remember the father that remarked in astonishment to his son on his first day in my middle school Spanish class, “Your Spanish teacher is a blonde?!?!

Not too sure what he was expecting–perhaps not a Spanish teacher with the name of Katie O’Grady.

Okay, I admit it, the shock factor is a little fun.

And so the story is this…

I am a 4th generation native of San Diego , born and raised a half an hour away from the Tijuana/San Diego border. My Grandfather was the Chief of Patrol & Immigration in the 1940’s and a hero in my and many other’s eyes.

While working towards my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at the University of San Diego, I lived and studied in Salamanca, Spain and Oxford, England for a year, returning to the States to get my Masters in Cross-Cultural Education and Curriculum Development. I taught K-12 Spanish for San Diego City Schools for 12 years, receiving Teacher of The Year prior to my early retirement in 2012 to move to Mexico with my family.

I have always had a deep love and respect for the Hispanic culture, music, food and people and and know that if former lives exist, I was a salsa-dancing Latina in mine!

I am a lucky Mama to 18-year-old twins (who were 8 when we immigrated), partner, wife and best friend to my retired firefighter hubby Frank (turned solar designer & installer extraordinaire), living and adventuring full time in mainland Mexico for the past ten years. 

Los O’Gradys in Mexico is my creative commitment of putting to print–to record in a memorable and tangible form for ourselves, our friends, family and followers–these days of our lives; to inspire and invoke hope, to show that there is another way to live a life of design and personal choice. 

Thank you for following along with our adventures and thank you, Mexico, for welcoming us to call you home.


Katie O’Grady








*For detailed information on my Relocation Consulting, please email me at losogradysinmexico@gmail.com




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