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I have wrestled with this About Me page…what to say, how much to say, how deep to go, how to summarize ME on a page— such an an important, commit-it-to-print task!

The best way for me to comply with this “obligatory part” of my blog is to answer a question people often ask me with bewilderment, intrigue, admiration and fascination—“Why do you speak such good Spanish???”

Now, now…you can’t judge a book by its cover. Just because I am fair-skinned, blonde and blue-eyed doesn’t mean I can’t hold my own in Spanish, and then some.

I remember the father that remarked in astonishment to his son on his first day in my middle school classroom, “Your Spanish teacher is a blonde?!” Not too sure what he was expecting. Perhaps not a Spanish teacher with the name of Katie O’Grady. Okay, I admit it, the shock factor is a little fun.

And so the story is this…

I am a 4th generation San Diegan, born and raised a half an hour away from the Mexican border. My Grandfather was the Chief of Border Patrol & Immigration in the 1940’s and my family has always embraced and valued bi-cultural relations. I lived and studied in Spain, have my undergraduate degree in Spanish, my Masters in Cross Cultural Education and Curriculum Development, taught Spanish for San Diego City Schools for 12 years (many of those years as a Master Teacher), have always had a love of the Hispanic culture, music, food, colors, texture, people, and think that perhaps in a former life I was a Latina.

I can dance Salsa with the best of them—that is by far the most important part of this autobiography!

I am a lucky Mama to 12 year-old twins, girlfriend to my retired firefighter hubby Frank, living and adventuring full time in mainland Mexico since November of 2012.

The rest…is an ever-unfolding story of life lived out loud, uncensored, free, “off the grid”, out of the box, on our own terms in this beautiful, dynamic, colorful, and at times rough-edged country of Mexico that we have come to call home.

This blog is my creative commitment to putting to print…to record in a memorable and tangible form, these days of our lives.

Thank you for following along with the adventures of Los O’Gradys in Mexico!


Katie O’Grady


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