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Who is moving to Mexico from the US? 


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We Left the American Dream to Raise Our Children in Mexico


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We Became an Expat Family       




Adventure Calls Global Relocation Guide 2022

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5 Things I’ve Learned Moving to a Colonial Town

Learning Spanish: 5 Helpful Ways to Become Fluent

Living in Mexico: 7 Things That Take Getting Used To


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InterNations Top Mexico Expat Blog


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Sunlight & Shadows: Short Stories & Essays by Mexico Writers


Insider’s Guide to The Best of Mexico






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Mexico News Daily: Who is Moving to Mexico from the US? The answer might surprise you

Andrew Selee: Vanishing Frontiers, Chapter 9

She Made It with Elle Zimmerman: Ditching The Rat Race and Rewriting the Rules For Your Family & She Ditched The American Rat Race, Moved Abroad & Brought Her Family with Her

Pep Talks for Side Hustlers: Monetizing Your Story & Experience with Katie O’Grady

The Wall Street Journal: 10 Ways the Expat Life Is Like a Continual Espresso Buzz

Surviving Mexico: Blogs About Mexico Worth Reading

Mapping Megan: Dear Travelers, Portable Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives. Don’t Leave Home Without One!

Moms Uniting Moms: Moving to Mexico With Children: A Mom’s & Wife’s Perspective

A Traveling Broad: Favorite Romantic & Affordable Destinations Around The World

TouristLink: 15 Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Becoming an Expat Podcast, Episode 9


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Are you ready to simplify your life and move to Mexico?

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*Be sure to travel with (and have your home outfitted with) Carbon Monoxide Detectors. You can read our story here to see why we are advocates for Carbon Monoxide Safety and Awareness. I recommend a combination of both battery-operated and plug-in CO Monitors as power outages can and do happen. 


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