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Coming Up for Air & Going Back To The Drawing Board, San Miguel de Allende

Coming Up for Air & Back Going Back to The Drawing Board, San Miguel de Allende

My last post “Until Death Do We Part” took a toll on me—emotionally and physically.

Feeling like I released a ten-ton elephant that had weighed heavily on my heart and in my head for years, I needed to step away for a bit to disconnect and reconnect.

Lots of solo walks with my dogs in the open field by my house here in San Miguel de Allende helped to nurture me back to a place of calm and perspective.

In the writing of the details and the public sharing of them, I revealed some very painful and traumatic times that have rocked my family to the core on more than one occasion. 

Everyone everywhere deals with some type of challenge or they would rather not.

Be kind, be patient, and gracious to others for you never know what path they are on.

The content of my blog has taken a bit of back seat for the past couple of weeks as I have been diligently and painstakingly working on the behind-the-scenes technical end—RSS, CSS, HTTP, WordPress, MailChimp, Plugins, Widgets, Pages, Posts, SEO, Optimization, Contact Forms, Email Opt-ins, Thesis, Social Media, troubleshooting of all sorts…Uiff, my head is spinning! 

Website development is so very layered and multi-faceted. It is its own language for sure but I am making my way through it, especially with the skilled help of Shannon Mattern, WordPress RockStar Extraordinaire!

I can definitely see the benefit of hiring a skilled developer to assist with the technical parts so as to be able to focus on the content, the stories, the delicacies and intricacies of the written word that communicate the author’s vision of and experience in this world.

So for today, I will take a step back from the techie stuff and return to that which I truly love about this blogging platform—the creating and the expressing of myself through the written word to capture the adventure and magic of our immigrated lives in Mexico. I am honored that I get to share it with you here.

Stay tuned, and if you would like to follow along with Los O’Gradys in Mexico, please sign up for our newsletter in the top right corner of this page by clicking on the shamrock.  



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About the author: Internationally-Acclaimed Author & Relocation Coach Katie O’Grady is a 4th generation San Diegan who together with her retired Firefighter hubby and their now 15-year-old twins immigrated to Mexico in 2012. Los O’Gradys in Mexico is InterNations Top Expat Mexico Blog and has been featured on various distinguished platforms including Elephant Journal, Yucatan Times, and Huffington Post. Seven years into their Mexico adventure, Katie and her family continue to embrace their reinvented, reinspired lives where tacos and fun are part of their daily round! If you are interested in learning about raising bilingual, bicultural, cross-border children and creating a life of design, feel free to contact Katie at [email protected] and on the following platforms: Facebook Instagram Pinterest

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