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Expat Health Insurance

Whether you are an Expat living full time in Mexico or heading South for a vacation of a lifetime, please protect yourself and your loved ones with Expat Health Insurance.

It is best to not test Murphy’s Law.

Have the peace of mind that you are properly covered if an unexpected illness or injury were to occur.

Expat Health Insurance

Bethany Neumann, a US Expat living in Mexico, is a licensed insurance expert who will find your best options for Travel & Expat Health Insurance.

With over 10 years of experience, she has garnered herself an excellent reputation for being very responsive and conscientious. 

Not every broker will have the capability to help facilitate your claims so be sure to use an agent that has the assistance of a claims team to ease your burden.

We personally work with Bethany for all of our cross-border insurance needs and refer all of our family, friends and clients to her. *Insurance with Integrity*

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*Please protect yourselves and your loved ones with carbon monoxide detectors for both home and travel safety*



*For information on my Relocation Consulting, please email me at [email protected]






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