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Home Sweet Home…..Almost

We are two days away from moving into our home. Frank and I have been working tirelessly to get things ready for our family to move in on Friday. All while our sweet girl Mairead has come down with croup and a bronchial/throat/sinus infection… poor baby. Breaks my heart to see either of my children sick. Took her to the hospital today and she will be on 3 breathing treatments a day, antibiotics, and an antihistamine for the next few weeks. And lots and lots of extra TLC and tending to from her Mama. We are burning candles on both ends, but holding strong.

Today our appliances arrived. We have had the home inspected. We still need to buy plates and utensils–enough for one per person—and a few cooking pots and pans; we will have plenty once we bring all of our goodies back from our storage units, but for now, we have nada, zilch, nothing.

The garden fountain is working and a fair share of birds and squirrels have made their way into the yard to show their appreciation. I was also informed by one of the handymen, that 3 scorpions decided to make themselves at home inside the house. They have been relocated and the outside areas fumigated. Something about the dry weather and all of the hardwood floors and beams…go figure.

Frank is working his way through 40 electrical outlets and the reconfiguring of each one so that they are grounded and safe. Apparently uniform polarity and grounding are not required in Mexico and the neutral and hot were reversed in each outlet! The $1000 dollar estimate to switch them all out has encouraged Frank to put to good use what he learned in his electrician’s classes and do it himself. Did I mention there are 40 of them? Thank you honey! Your efforts will be rewarded with the beer and cigar of your choice!

Found out today that there is no cable running from the street to the house, so that translates to no phone and internet service. Ahhhhh…. One more thing to take care of, and we will.

On the lighter side, we are researching a home-made tether-ball for the kids for one of the yards…they are super excited about that. Chickens are also on their list, but we will have to hold off on that for a bit!

Stay tuned! The adventure is definitely in progress!

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