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I am super excited and happy to announce that yesterday I was officially featured and published on InterNations, the largest online community for expats living and working abroad, as one of their Top Mexico Blogs. This is a great joy and honor for me, to have a creative passion and endeavor of mine be so favorably received and recognized. Thank you InterNations for the acknowledgment!

InterNations is represented by more than 390 communities, and as a member, one can stay connected to both global and local issues. Additionally, with a belief that global change starts with every one of us helping out in our communities, InterNations also hosts a worldwide Volunteer Program that involves several thousand InterNations members who donate their time and talents to people in need.

Great news—membership has been recently changed from invitation-based to approval-based. InterNations reviews each application individually where data security and privacy protection are top priorities. 

Again, thank you InterNations for featuring my blog as a Top Mexico Blog!





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About the author: Internationally-Acclaimed Author & Relocation Coach Katie O’Grady is a 4th generation San Diegan who together with her retired Firefighter hubby and their now 15-year-old twins immigrated to Mexico in 2012. Los O’Gradys in Mexico is InterNations Top Expat Mexico Blog and has been featured on various distinguished platforms including Elephant Journal, Yucatan Times, and Huffington Post. Seven years into their Mexico adventure, Katie and her family continue to embrace their reinvented, reinspired lives where tacos and fun are part of their daily round! If you are interested in learning about raising bilingual, bicultural, cross-border children and creating a life of design, feel free to contact Katie at [email protected] and on the following platforms: Facebook Instagram Pinterest

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