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It’s a Dog’s Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️

It's a Dog's Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️

The road to adoption came to us in the form of an 10-month-old, 8-pound, white “ferocious” fluff ball of a sweetheart named Luna…aka Luna Love ❤️.

We had long wanted to bring a second dog into our home, but the timing and circumstances just weren’t right…until it was. 

We knew that part of our moving from San Pancho to San Miguel de Allende would include welcoming another sentient being of love into our home, and without a doubt, a rescue.

Luna and her brother had belonged to a family who unfortunately could no longer afford to feed them. Thankfully, they did the right thing and took them to a vet’s office rather than abandoning them on the street. The veterinarian notified a woman here in SMA who is very involved in dog rescues and fostering, and viola (serendipity and luck), Luna and The O’Grady Family’s paths crossed!

We had four fun-filled home day visits with Luna including one sleepover—pillows, blankets, chew toys and all–required by her very careful and loving foster Mother, who without hesitation selected us to be Luna’s family upon seeing the love we had for her, and she for us.

Luna Love is a such a gift. She reminds us daily of the importance of staying in the moment and honoring the natural rhythm of life. Who doesn’t want to have their tummy rubbed, take multiple naps, hang out in the garden to watch the birds, and listen to the sounds of Mother Nature?

Thank you Luna, for the gift of you ❤️

It's a Dog's Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️

I asked my son Liam, “what was the best part of and greatest lesson from Luna”. Wide-eyed and thoughtful, he said, “Mama, that anything is possible.” 

Yes, son, it is.

It was an interesting adjustment for Seamus, our then 90-pound, 7-year-old chocolate lab…RIP. He was walking around with a ball in his mouth, wondering what all of this meant for him. Was she a friend, a replacement, his competition? Why could Luna sit in Mom’s lap and he couldn’t? I could see him wondering if he was no longer the only reigning furry family member in Casa O’Grady…what in the world is going on, his expression spoke to me.

It's a Dog's Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️

Seamus will always be my Big Brown Bear King. It was now time for us to welcome a Queen into our home–and a pint-sized one at that! A love of a Gentle Giant, I knew that Seamus would accept Luna into his heart as he did with every other living being he met, small and large alike. You, Seamus, could never ever be replaced.



Life indeed changed for Seamus, but for the better. Normally an outside dog because of his size and the fact that our daughter is allergic, his allowed inside space expanded and I found myself doing more and more sweeping! The Roomba has been one of my greatest saviors in this pet and human parenting gig, lol! 

Tiny water bowl inside for Luna? Seamus got one too. Novelty toys the foster mom brought over for Luna? Seamus’s toys too. Extra attention (yes, more than normal!) for Seamus to equal all of the hugs and kisses Luna was getting? Absolutely! I became a dog’s slobber toy. Luna’s 8-pound kisses were one thing, but I now felt obligated to let Seamus lather me with his big slobbery love more than I normally did. For sure I was ready for a good shower at the end of the day! #itsadogslife

We went to the pet store and bought Seamus the world’s largest bone…a conciliatory gift of sorts to comfort his questioning heart at this time of transition. 

We made sure Seamus knew that he was loved like always, and that the addition of Luna to our family only had benefits for him!

It's a Dog's Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️

We bought Luna her own pack of pint-sized chew bones, but she was more interested in Seamus’s–imagine that, little bugger!

It's a Dog's Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️

It’s a Dog’s Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️:

1. Slow down, look at the birds, smell the flowers, study the bugs, take a nap in the sun

2. Don’t take things too seriously–laugh everyday, be silly, be playful, have fun

3. Nothing is more important than friendship, communion, community and family

4. Cultivate and nurture your friendships, value the love in your life

5. Live in the moment, take it all in–it’s your here and your now that really matters

6. There is always more room in your heart for love and happiness

7. Love your tribe without restraint and unconditionally

Luna is a true gift to us. I have a distinct feeling that we are to her as well. ☘️

It's a Dog's Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️

Luna Love seeing snow for the first time in Utah

It's a Dog's Life~Lessons from Luna Love ❤️

Adopt A Dog in SMA:

If you will be relocating to or even just visiting San Miguel de Allende (or any other region of Mexico), there are plenty of fur babies looking for a loving home. No doubt you too have space for more fun and joy in your life. 

Contacting Yo ❤️ Animalitos is one of many ways to bring some more love, fun and laughter into your home. 



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About the author: Together with my Retired Firefighter Husband and our now 19-year-old twins who were just 8 when we immigrated to Mexico in 2012, we have created a joyful life of design and freedom South of The Border. Welcome to Los O’Gradys in Mexico! Saludos, Katie 🇲🇽 ☘️

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