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Jungle Living Keeps a Sense of Humor & Spirit of Adventure!

Jungle Living, Keeping a Sense of Humor & Spirit of Adventure!

In a little over a month since immigrating to Mexico, we have survived a series of health challenges—a few that gave us a good scare and a few that were inconvenient and concerning for sure but we knew we’d make it through.

We settled into our new home for three weeks only to have to completely pack up and move out for one week over the Christmas Holidays because it been rented out as a short-term vacation rental prior to our assuming long-term occupancy. 

Transitioning from homeschooling in the States to a five-day a week program in the jungle presented lots of changes, including daily homework (in Spanish of course), early wake-ups, and Mama missing her cubs…

Jungle Living, Keeping a Sense of Humor & Spirit of Adventure!

First Day of School in San Pancho

Shifts in parenting paradigms, shifts in our marital relationship—having my husband home 24/7 after retiring from firefightinggetting to know each in a completely new dynamic, with all the colorful, interesting edges that can bring…

Adjusting to our new lives in San Pancho has been an expansive experience for sure…keeping us on our toesour senses alive and awake—scorpions in the bedbaby snakes in the front yardflying cockroaches the size of a silver dollar, thunderstorms that bounce us out of bed in the middle of the night.

Jungle Living, Keeping a Sense of Humor & Spirit of Adventure!

Not-so-tiny scorpion found on my daughter’s pillow!

But at the base of all of these unexpected and unforeseen surprises has been the realization that there is an authentic thread of connection and community between nature, human, and the animals of this pueblo that allow for the yin and yang dynamic of life to feel manageable, sustainable and often, laughable…

Lucky are we who get to examine and expand upon our crafts as human beings, nurture our sense of humor and define our evolution by our ability to look, learn and reflect.




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About the author: Are you interested in knowing the inside scoop on moving to Mexico? Coastal vs. Central, Visa Process, Schooling, Housing, Medical Care & Expat Health Insurance, Car Importation, Budget, Cell Phone Service, Ins & Outs of Daily Life in Mexico? Together with my Retired Firefighter Hubby and our now 17-year-old twins, we immigrated to Mexico in 2012 from Southern California to create our lives anew. Nine years into our Mexico Adventure, we continue to help families, individuals and couples to carve out their own re-invented, re-inspired lives south of the border. If you too are interested in creating a life of design in Mexico, feel free to contact me at [email protected] for details on how I can be of service to you and your family. Saludos, Katie ☘️

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