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Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Growing up in Mexico is looking pretty good!

We had an action-packed, fun-filled weekend with an outing to Boca de la Cañada on Friday, a Birthday party on Saturday, and then yesterday, wrapped up the weekend up with an awesome afternoon out in Banda, a small rural town on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende. 

The skies on the drive out were magnificent with the clouds like a painting…

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Mexico Skies

Our friend’s beautiful hacienda-style home is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. 10 adults, 8 kids, 6 horses, 4 burros, 6 dogs, a flock of chicken, and 2 quads made for a fun Sunday BBQ!

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

La Hacienda

There were some new friends to meet…

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Sweet Liam~equally tender with animals and babies

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Grass-fed chickens

And a highlight for sure was doing lap after lap on the quads around the expansive property grounds…

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

How many kids and dogs can fit on one quad?

Dinner was a BBQ feast of ribs and chicken, salad, rolls and sautéed bacon green peas…wine for the ladies, beers for the boys and sparkling apple juice for the minors…

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Supper Time!

Soon after their last bite, the kids were back on the quads—Liam and Mairead feeling very privileged to be the oldest in the group and able to give the rest of the gang rides…

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Come 6:00 p.m., it was time to wrap it up for it was a school night…

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Fun Had by All!

Crossing the railroad tracks, we were almost home…

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

San Miguel de Allende Train Tracks

but not before seeing this fabulous reminder of how we never leave home without our camera…

Kids & Quads, Growing up in Mexico!

Just a quick stop at the convenience store!

Cheers to another incredible day of raising kids in Mexico





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About the author: Internationally-Acclaimed Author & Relocation Coach Katie O’Grady is a 4th generation San Diegan who together with her retired Firefighter hubby and their now 15-year-old twins immigrated to Mexico in 2012. Los O’Gradys in Mexico is InterNations Top Expat Mexico Blog and has been featured on various distinguished platforms including Elephant Journal, Yucatan Times, and Huffington Post. Seven years into their Mexico adventure, Katie and her family continue to embrace their reinvented, reinspired lives where tacos and fun are part of their daily round! If you are interested in learning about raising bilingual, bicultural, cross-border children and creating a life of design, feel free to contact Katie at [email protected] and on the following platforms: Facebook Instagram Pinterest

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  • Frank September 29, 2014, 8:43 pm

    I am amazed on a daily basis.

  • Kathleen September 30, 2014, 10:29 am

    Love the last 2 shots!

    • Katie O'Grady April 26, 2018, 10:59 pm

      Thank you, Kathleen!
      Life in Mexico presents many opportunities for great captures!

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