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O’Grady Favorites

O'Grady Favorites


Headhunter Sunscreen

We fair-skinned O’Gradys must protect ourselves in the sun!

Headhunter is our favorite sunscreen for both in and out of the water.

Hypoallergenic, Paraben-Free, Oxybenzone-Free, UVA/UVB Safe, available up to 50 SPF.

O'Grady Favorites


Mexico: Sunlight & Shadows

I am honored to be one of the featured authors in this award-winning anthology.

O'Grady Favorites








The Book of Calm by Nancy G. Shapiro

O'Grady Favorites








Carbon Monoxide Detector 

A must for home and travel safety

O'Grady Favorites







Moisture Bag

Place in closets and other closed spaces to keep items mold free

O'Grady Favorites

Drain Covers

Just say ‘no’ to sewer smells and flying cockroaches coming up through the drains!

Mosquito Net

For buzz-free sleeping

O'Grady Favorites







Polar Bear H20-Proof Cooler

Our favorite, waterproof adventure pack keeps ice for up to 72 hours in over 100-degree heat!

O'Grady Favorites






Polarity Testing

To prevent the photo on the left, check all outlets with a polarity tester and hire a qualified electrician if need be to remedy any problems.

O'Grady Favorites






Camping Stove

Double burner, wind protected, gets the job done!

O'Grady Favorites






Big Agnes Flying Diamond Tent

Perfect for a couple or a family, can stand up inside, 2 doors & 2 rooms with a retractable fabric wall.

O'Grady Favorites







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