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Relocation Coach

Relocation Coach

As an internationally-acclaimed Author and Relocation Coach, I am a trusted and bilingual resource who assists individuals and families in their move to Mexico.

I offer customized, personalized assistance in the following areas:

*Please contact me at [email protected] for details, pricing and scheduling.

Client Testimonials:

     I reached out to Katie for Relocation Consulting when thinking about living half the year in Mexico with my 5 and 8 yr old…fell in love with San Pancho after dong a mother daughter trip out there, and I have been thinking about “escaping” back there ever since! Katie is incredibly inspiring, and once I found her blogs and read her story I knew I had to contact her. Not only is Katie a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about Mexico- but its sooo helpful from an Americans point of view living there vs America and especially as a mom with all the questions of safety, schools, healthcare and everything in between. She is such a caring thoughtful soul who really does care about her clients and gets to know you, and that makes her not only a relocation coach ( I call her a dream-coach) because that’s really what she is – she helps make your dream a reality) but she quickly becomes a trusted a dear friend. I can’t wait to meet in person and have margaritas on the beach! She truly is a gifted spirit – wise and kind and a strong mama with values and will not recommend anything that she personally does not have experience with or does not value. She is prompt, and very thorough in her answers. I feel I have a way better picture of what life is like living there, and feel I am that much closer to making that dream a reality! Thanks so much Katie!!

     Katie is a library of information about everything Mexico. She has been beyond helpful on our journey of discovery regarding a possible move for our family. From housing to insurance, health care to immigration, schools to beaches, location selection to simply where to get a good meal—she’s got it all covered. This decision would have been much more daunting without her assistance and timely advice along every step of the way. She is prompt, professional and thorough. If she doesn’t personally know the answer, she has connections to people who will. I can’t recommend her services enough—-she is worth every penny (or peso)!

     I can’t thank Katie enough for taking so much time with me (definitely more than I paid for) to provide personalized and thoughtful advice and service. I contacted her after our arrival in Mexico when our initial plan fell through. We’d researched like crazy before driving down to Mexico but some things are just better done by someone on the ground, who knows the area. We’d arrived in Mexico a week before and found out the school we planned to send our kids to (and had spoken with in the spring) no longer had a middle school for our oldest child. On top of that, we weren’t sure the area was right for us and this sent us spinning – should we just start traveling to see where we wanted to end up? Had we made a huge mistake? School was starting that week and we had four kids and no plans. Katie came highly recommended and I was really relieved to talk to her. She had so many ideas and was very understanding about our situation. She is incredibly responsive (I think we chatted on messenger well into the night on one occasion – 11 pm or so), a thoughtful listener, intuitive, and instantly brought forth a ton of great options. She was straightforward about the realities of different cities we were considering and didn’t waste time on things we weren’t interested in. She also connected me with other people – contacts at schools and friends in the area. She sent me a whole write up of resources for the future (sports, music, things to do, health care, etc) and I continually go back to it for reference. We are now settled in San Miguel de Allende and she was integral to the process. If you’re looking for help with a relocation to Mexico or are already here and wondering about other areas, Katie is an excellent resource.

     Katie’s expertise at helping people relocate to her beloved Mexico is paramount. Her experience is extensive and her fluency, not just in the language, but in the culture is super impressive. She leaves no stone unturned, applies herself with real passion to helping in every way she can so that you feel at home immediately and is simply unmatched in her ability to help create a seamless, confident move for you and your family. When my family and I moved to the Pacific Coast in 2013, Katie took away the terror and helped to ease us into a vibrant life before we had even left the US…and this was without even knowing her—you rock Katie! Thank you for all your love in making our life adventure/relocation one of heartwarming joy.

     Katie is such a joyful, adventurous person. Her love for Mexico is contagious. I contacted her because I was trying to figure out whether we should set up home base in AZ, or in Mexico. She helped us narrow down a region in Mexico that would be close enough to grandmas, affordable, and have great surf (the Punta Banda/Ensenada area). We never would have considered Baja, but I’m so glad Katie suggested it. We will probably settle down in AZ after all and start our homestead there, but will no doubt spend large chunks of time in Baja and other areas of Mexico. I highly recommend Katie as someone to bounce ideas off of, get questions answered, and just find some support and someone to reassure you that your dreams are not crazy, and yes, Mexico is a great place to raise kids!

     I reached out to Katie when we were thinking of moving to Mexico with our eight & nine and a half year old kids. She was so helpful and became a wonderful friend after meeting in person a few months late! She is an amazing mother and friend! If you’re looking for helpful tips and trying to get a picture of what it would be like to move to Mexico then Katie is the person to ask!

     Katie O’Grady and the information on her blog Los O’Grady’s in Mexico was pivotal in me finally getting my mind straight about moving abroad with my husband and 4-year-old son. As it turns out, Katie and I see life through a similar lens so reading about her and her family’s reasons for leaving the States, their challenges and victories was like getting advice from an old friend. I even sent a couple of Katie’s blog posts to my very concerned mother to help her understand that there were other families successfully doing what we wanted to do. A Skype consult with Katie when we arrived in Mexico really helped us narrow down the best places for us to consider living long term as well as practical information about things like food, healthcare, and school in Mexico. If you are considering creating an adventurous, inspired life that involves travel or relocation to Mexico, Katie is a most valuable resource.

     Katie is absolutely amazing. Her research for me was completely above and beyond my expectations and she always followed up to ensure I received & understood the content. Everything was very clear and concise.  The research was much more detailed than I expected and I’m just grateful for the service that she provides for people seeking more of an abundant life in a place they connect with. You can’t go wrong with having Katie as a coach through this process.

     Your Love for Mexico makes me feel very happy. No doubt that raising children here is a true blessing. We can see it in our children. Thanks for putting high up Mexico’s name and reputation as well for writing so well about it. We need more Americans like you, better said the USA needs more people with your heart and your understanding.

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