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Los O’Gradys in Mexico is an award-winning blog about a re-inspired life in Mexico, popular with both expats and nationals alike!

Our articles focus on raising children in Mexico, health care in Mexico, education in Mexico and your average dose of daily fun and adventure! 

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~Bilingual Relocation Consulting: concierge-level, personalized, feet-on-the-ground assistance with relocating to Mexico, raising children in Mexico, medical care in Mexico, educational options in Mexico, immigration resources, coastal versus central living and your average daily Mexico adventure!

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“Katie’s expertise at helping people relocate to her beloved Mexico is paramount. Her experience is extensive and her fluency, not just in the language, but in the culture is super impressive. She leaves no stone unturned, applies herself with real passion to helping in every way she can so that you feel at home immediately and is simply unmatched in her ability to help create a seamless, confident move for you and your family. When my family and I moved to the Pacific Coast in 2013, Katie took away the terror and helped to ease us into a vibrant life before we had even left the US…and this was without even knowing her—you rock Katie! Thank you for all your love in making our life adventure/relocation one of heartwarming joy.”

Deb McPherson:

“Katie has been clearly an outstanding professional, mentor, teacher and colleague but I believe she should be viewed first as an outstanding Parent. Katie has served as a great inspiration to fellow Parents and Mexico adventurers wishing to embark on their own adventures. Katie has greatly inspired many including myself. She has generously given her time in sharing her experiences with others for years. Her commitment and loyalty sharing what she loves is real and she has made a tremendous difference with her contribution through her blog and her social media posts for all of us who love to read them. I love Katie’s honesty, and her huge heart. I always look forward to her next post on Los O’Grady’s in Mexico!”


“Katie O’Grady and the information on her blog Los O’Grady’s in Mexico was pivotal in me finally getting my mind straight about moving abroad with my husband and 4-year-old son.As it turns out, Katie and I see life through a similar lens so reading about her and her family’s reasons for leaving the States, their challenges and victories was like getting advice from an old friend.I even sent a couple of Katie’s blog posts to my very concerned mother to help her understand that there were other families successfully doing what we wanted to do.A Skype consult with Katie when we arrived in Mexico really helped us narrow down the best places for us to consider living long term as well as practical information about things like food, healthcare and school in Mexico.If you are considering creating an adventurous, inspired life that involves travel or relocation to Mexico, Katie is a most valuable resource.”


“I happened upon Katie O’Grady’s blog a couple of years ago when I was going through an agonizing decision. (Should I foliow my dream and move to Mexico? Is this just a crazy idea or the best decision of my life? Will I regret selling the house I worked so hard for?) Reading Katie’s blog was like findng an oasis in the desert, a safe place in the middle of the storm that was raging through me. I couldn’t get enough of it and proceeded to read every single article and even now it is one of the first things I will read. Katie’s reasons for loving and relocating to Mexico really resonated me. I was NOT crazy!…
One of the things I most appreciate is that Katie tells it like it is, the good, the great and the not so good. She is very encouraging but honest and doesn’t sugarcoat. And that has helped me immensely in narrowing down my search for the perfect place to retire in Mexico. I will be making the move soon and won’t hesitate to use her services should the need arise. Thank you, Katie O’Grady, you rock!”


“Katie has personally helped me when my daughter moved to and through Mexico from California! Her understanding, compassion, awareness, helpfulness and experience made a big difference for me! I love following her posts and blogs and experiencing her own family’s journey through their pictures and stories! Gracias Katie! “


“I always look forward to the inspirational thoughts, messages and wonderful stories told in detail by Los O’Gradys. Many hugs and kisses on a life long reader, keep up the good work. Muchas Felicidades!!!”


“I love following Los O’Gradys! They give me so much insight on expat living in Mexico, and are so exemplary to those of us hoping to do the same in the future. I will definitely be in touch with Katie when the time comes for our own family to make our move.”


“Love you story and your writing Katie. Thank you. Without it I would still be stateside with my children and grandchildren! I am so glad we moved SOB. CONGRATULATIONS KATIE!!!!”

Doquin Family from Buffalo, New York:

We start our “new adventure” in just a couple of days.  We are leaving Buffalo, New York for our new home in Ajijic, Mexico.  Our house in the suburbs is almost emptied out and the remaining stuff is being organized to be packed in our trailer.

We wanted to say thank you for your blog.  We are the adventurous type and have traveled a good bit, but with three kids (Colin 10, Ellie 9, and Patrick 7) we were concerned about so many things when the idea of moving to Mexico just wouldn’t go away – especially how the kids would “survive” and if they could thrive.

Your blog gave us courage to push forward and see for ourselves that there is a different way of life – a healthier, family centered, slower, more thoughtful and aware way of living.  We found it on our trips to Ajijic – in the community, the church and the school where the kids are going, at the market and on our family hikes in the mountains and along the lake.

The preparations have brought us together as a family after we spent years being pulled apart by the pace of life and the need to succeed in the suburban, country club, private school culture we lived in.  We are confident that the life we set up in Ajijic will continue to bring a new sense of peace.

We attached a picture of our family from our trip in February.  We wish you and your family all the best on your adventure and ask that you say a prayer for us as we start our travels.

Timothy Jennings of GeoBlue International Travel Medical Insurance:

“I absolutely love working with Katie, she is so conscientious and I have nothing but high regards for her platform.”

What a great blog and a great life decision your family made to move to Mexico. I agree that you should put this in book form. We will all read it!

I live in Tucson, Arizona, and have crossed the border all my life. It is nice to see someone thinks about Mexico, not as either beer and beaches or cartels and violence, but as a day-to-day adventure-filled life.

Much happiness to you and your family.


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