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Why Did We Choose Mexico?

A Better Life

We wanted a better life for our family; a life in which abundance, joy, adventure and health are cultivated and sustainable. We wanted to savor the precious, never-to-be-had-again-moments, get out of the rat race, slow down, disconnect and reconnect.

Why Did We Choose Mexico?


Prior to our move to mainland Mexico, we spent many years exploring the Baja Peninsula, including leasing a 30 by 60 piece of sand in the slow-paced fishing village of Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez.

Why Did We Choose Mexico?

At one point during our relocation research, Baja was a serious contender—as was Colorado, Washington, Oregon and even North Carolina!

But at the end of the day, we knew in our heart of hearts that it was México and the connection we have with her that was calling us. 

Now, at nearly eleven years into this life-reinvention in Mexico and with our children graduated from High School, we have zero regrets about our decision to raise our family south of the border.

Mexico is not for everyone, and that is okay too. 

The adventures, evolutions and life journeys continue to evolve and reveal themselves in the gifts of each day.

Oh, the stories our children will tell!

Why Did We Choose Mexico?


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