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Why Move to Mexico?

Why Move to Mexico? This seems to be the million dollar question…sometimes with intrigue and curiosity, other times with confusion and skepticism, did we choose Mexico to relocate our family to…to begin our lives anew?

Move to Mexico

Our children holding new life in their hands in San Pancho, Nayarit

What about safety?

Schooling for our kids?

Medical care?

The government? The water? The driving conditions and cows in the road?

How and why did we choose Mexico as our adopted country?

The answers are varied but all end up at the same place.

We wanted a better life…an improved quality of life for our family, our children, our marriage, our dog, our physical and emotional health. We wanted to cultivate abundance and longevity and enjoy the precious, never-to-be-had-again moments within our days—to get out of the rat race, to slow down, smell the flowers, disconnect and reconnect…to be present to and in the moment.

Move to Mexico

Surfing Lessons with Dad!

We have had a long-standing love affair with Mexico—her culture, her beauty, her color, her people…her corazón…her richness and ruggedness.

No doubt Mexico has its difficulties and downsides—what country doesn’t?

But therein lies the clave—the key. It’s all about choices and perspective and as I’m seeing, a whole lot of karma and serendipity. It is from here, that the magic and stories unfold.

Move to Mexico

Morning Run in Sayulita

Baja or Mainland?

Prior to our move to mainland Mexico, we spent many years exploring the Baja Peninsula including leasing a 30 by 60 piece of sand in the slow-paced fishing village of Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez.

Move to Mexico

Our Baja Home in Bahia de Los Angeles

At one point in our relocation research, Bahia was considered a possible destination for our family—as was La Paz México, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, even North Carolina!

But at the end of the day, we knew in our heart of hearts that it was México—the connection we feel with her and all that she has to offer our family—that was calling our hearts. 

We O’Gradys are more than grateful to have found our little slice of heaven here on earth, in México.

The adventure reveals itself in the magic and gifts of each day.


For more on why we packed it up and left the States, please take a look at my “American Dream”  article that was featured on The Huffington Post.

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