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Why Mexico?

Who is moving to Mexico from the US? The answer might surprise you

People often ask us about our immigration to Mexico, understandably curious to know why we uprooted ourselves from our country of birth to begin our lives anew South of The Border. Most questions are posed with polite intrigue and interest (to perhaps follow suit)–other times–and usually only via the veil of “social media anonymity“–bewilderment and skepticism (i.e. fear and close mindedness):

Some of the more frequently asked questions we receive are:

Our answers are varied but all end up at the same place

Why Mexico?

A Better Life

We wanted a better life for our family. A life in which abundance, joy, adventure and longevity could be cultivated and sustainable. We wanted to savor the precious, never-to-be-had-again-moments, get out of the rat race, slow down, smell the flowers, disconnect and reconnect.


Prior to our move to mainland Mexico in 2012, we spent many years exploring the Baja Peninsula, including leasing a 30 by 60 piece of sand in the slow-paced fishing village of Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez.

At one point during our relocation research, BOLA was a serious contender—as was La Paz México, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, even North Carolina!

But at the end of the day, we knew in our heart of hearts that it was México—the connection we have with her and all that she has to offer our family (and we, her!)—that was calling us. 

Even now, at the nearly ten year mark into this life-reinvention in Mexico, we have zero regrets about our decision to raise our family in this magnificent country. It is not for everyone, and that is okay too. 

The adventures, evolutions and life journeys just continue to evolve and reveal themselves in the magic and gifts of each day. Oh the stories our children will tell!

We are eternally grateful to our Querido México.



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